Hello and welcome!

When you choose to connect with me, whether it is through an email, on my Facebook page, through one of my Alleviating Anxiety Holistically Workshops, or personalised one to one Transformational Healing Programs, I know that you are someone who is ready to choose something very different for your life.

How do I know this? 

.Because you are still reading!

This tells me that you are aware that you are ready to make a significant change in your life and you are actively looking for a way to do that.

And, because choosing something different means being different, I also know you are courageous. Living in this world and being different demands a certain level of steadfast courage, deep resources of creativity and inner power that you possess in abundance.

If you are questioning that, consider how many times you have chosen to stay here, and be human.

That’s what I am talking about!

That courageous choice. Your courageous choice.

So, that may all be very well, you think to yourself, but HOW do I use my resources, creative abilities and inner power to resolve this issue?

It feels like you have all the resources but not the direction or the framework in which to use them to your advantage.

You are being drawn into imagining what your life would BE like if you had some answers!

You are ready to know what life is like when you are confident, able to handle anxiety as it arises without taking pills, enjoy safe and healthy relationships, be in creative flow and relax into your life.

This is what I know to be true:

The diagnosis of anxiety, BPD, co-dependency, psychosis and the experience of hearing voices, seeing things that no-one else can and being an out and out mystery to the medical profession is not YOUR problem.

It may have caused and created problems, for sure, I have definitely had that experience myself, but – it isn’t actually a problem you have. You are not a problem.

The main problem is that you have not had the empowering support to integrate your genius and bring it into the world. Or, perhaps you just didn’t want to even be here, doing that thing that you do so easily and that other people love. I know it took me many dark nights of the soul of fighting and struggling and resisting to finally embrace all that being human offers and being on this planet doing this thing that I love so much and that makes such a difference in people’s lives.

The path that brought you here, to this page, to me, however dark, torturous and winding, I bless it.

Your path is my path. I know that you have been undergoing your own preparation for evolutionary transformation. My path led to us meeting, here. To deny the sacredness of this moment is to deny the gifts that have been cultivated in us by our commitment to never stop, never give in and never quit.

This is your reward

If you choose to work with me in discovering the ease, allowing pleasure, choosing play, and surrendering to your true nature of creatrix of your reality, you will never have another problem again.

It’s a challenge! My work that I offer is very deep, transformative and magical. Integrating what you feel has held you back all this time is highly confrontational to the egoic status quo.

“Three words I’d use to describe working with Marina are: safe, revelatory and enlightening.” Gary Crook

Whichever program you choose, whether it is a powerful group program or the sacred container of a tailor made one-to-one transformational package, through our time together, I will provide you with the tools, techniques, support, encouragement and experience of discovering your gifts, accessing your enthusiasm and opening up to freshness, movement, love and realisation over struggle.


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